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Welcome To Lil Ducklings Development Preschool

I .      Lil Ducklings is Nationally Accredited                                                                                    

         I want to  welcome your family into my home. What I offer to you and your child is much more than a babysitter service.

        We offer Nanny Care Services In Child Daycare. The children received one on one attention the entire day of


        This care is a development care meaning that whatever developmental stages your child

        is in there will be activities that will be  activities that will challenge and encourage them to growth and understand the

        world around them.  To be able to grow and develop in to children that are loved and nurtured and stimulated. 

        unique family childcare setting that caters to the emotional and developmental needs of all children.


I      It is often difficult for working parents to balance all the commitments and responsibilities in their lives.  When your

       child is at my home, you will receive peace of mind knowing that your child is being loved and taken care of much

       in the same fashion that you yourself would provide.  I offer a safe, loving environment where your child will be

       accepted, loved, nurtured, and stimulated.  A place where you know that your child will be respected and will be

       able to be a child full of play and exploration.


       I have over 22 years experience working with children age’s 6 weeks to 18 yrs.  I have been a positive speaker

       for teens and young adults.  I will use my motherly instincts and knowledge to offer stimulating, developmental

       activities when your child is ready for them.  They include music and movement, outdoor play, practical life and

       sensory activities, arts and crafts, per-reading and per-math skills, quite story and sharing times, manipulative,

       dramatic play, and lots of laughter.


        I and my staff strive to meet your child’s physical, intellectual, social, and emotional needs.  I feel children learn

        best in a loving, organized, natural learning environment.  Your child will learn something-new everyday by

        being a part of our extended family.  Your child will learn important values such as patience, sharing

        responsibility, compassion for self and others, communication, and teamwork.  He or she will also learn

        the basic of education such as recognizing the alphabet, numbers, color with crayons, and how to paint, play

        with  dough, cut with scissors, and the beginning stages of reading.  As far as your child desires meaning,

        if he wants to learn more than we will provide the needed materials. He or she will be encourage their

        imagination while creating artwork, manipulating his own ideas and thoughts on paper, or other concrete



        There are wonderful, colorful, nutritional meals that are children oriented.  As mentioned in the contract, there

        will be 3 meals, plus 2 Snacks given daily.  A monthly menu will be given in the beginning of each month, along

        with other Parent Handouts.  Each day a parent will recieved a Daily Report of activities and foods your child



        My commitment to you starts with your commitment to me.  For this support system to thrive, we must have

        open, honest communication.  Please feel free to share with me your concerns, problems, and situations that will

       affect your child.  Together we will be able to work out a plan to handle the needs of your child, and your

        parental concerns.


       To help my child business operate smoothly, you will need to comply with my policies and contract, which are in

        the Parent Information Folder.  Please look them over closely, and fill in all information needed.  I want you to

        be able to make your decision about childcare based on the terms that I provide.

        There is video clip of the children in a activity.


       Looking to helping you and your family watch your child grow into who they will be.

        Peace & Blessings


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We Have Fun Learning- Circle Time

 We Learn Through Our Play


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